10 Cool Car Gadgets for High-Tech Drivers

10 Cool Car Gadgets for High-Tech Drivers

Your car is a computer. Make no mistake about it. Technology is a major major component in building modern vehicles. To consumers, it’s arguably just as important – if not more important – than what’s under the hood. Many cool technologies for your car can be bought as an add-on or used to accessorize your vehicle.

Here are ten cool car gadgets for drivers who love technological upgrades:

1. Car Apps

These days, more new vehicles are releasing accompanying apps, such as the BMW. When you download the BMW app, you can remotely start your BMW, turn on the heat or cool air, and prepare your vehicle for the drive you’re about to take.

Although it’s early days for any type of smartphone-controlled car, these apps are no doubt only going to grow increasingly popular and more common with time.

2. Digital Interfaces

If your car does not already have a digital interface in its dashboard, you can add lots of cool car accessories to make it feel like it. Your smartphone is essentially everything you need. In a magnetized, 360-degree car mount, you have a GPS, music and podcast entertainment center, and so much more.

Assuming the car has Bluetooth, you can easily sync up a playlist and have a cruise. Combine this with some luxury automotive LED lights, and you will instantly feel like you’ve upgraded your vehicle.

3. Dash Cams

Dash cams are worth the purchase because you don’t know when you could be in a car accident. For safety and liability, a dashcam is essential. Also, if you just want to capture the journey ahead, you have a tripod right there to put your camera.

Some dashcam systems, such as Garmin, will allow you to put multiple cameras around your vehicle to simultaneously capture and record on their smartphone app.

4. Wireless Smartphone Charging

A cool technology to have in your car is a wireless smartphone station. In luxury and high-trim models, it’s built into the vehicle. Let’s face it, most of us don’t drive luxury cars. If you don’t but still want wireless charging, buy any charging pad and connect it to your vehicle.

Accessories like car lighting and smartphone holders are also great to combine with a charging pad. They’re very easy to set up and affordable to add some ‘cool factor’ to your vehicle.

5. Mobile Hotspot

There are many ways you can turn your vehicle into a mobile hotspot. Using something like a T-Mobile Inseego 5G MiFi in the United States, you get up to 100 GB of traffic better than any phone’s data plan.

As this technology becomes increasingly available and the opportunity for vehicles to have these systems already embedded in them, you can get reliable WiFi from almost anywhere.

6. 360-Degree Cameras

One of the most acclaimed technology features by drivers in recent memory is the 360-degree camera. This ensures you don’t hit anything while parking, allowing drivers to see behind and around their vehicle just by looking at the screen.

This cool car gadget will keep your car from having a collision backing into a parking space or driveway. You can also even see a virtual top-down view of surroundings, absolutely stunning if you haven’t seen it before.

7. Video Rearview Mirror

While we’re on the topic of cameras, if you’ve ever been unable to see out your rearview from items blocking it, a video rearview mirror is your alternative. It uses a rear-mounted camera to display what’s behind your vehicle.

The mirror is in the same spot as a traditional mirror, identical in size. You can toggle between the ‘video’ setting or ‘mirror view’ as it’s needed.

8. Digital Keys

A key fob. Being able to open your vehicle with your phone. Smart keys. There are many interesting ways to unlock or lock your vehicle using digital keys.

You may not think there’s much to what you’re holding in your hand when you unlock your door. However, this little piece of technology is a sizeable jump over the keys of yesteryear. It remain one of the coolest technologies for your car.

9. Driver Assist Systems

Advanced driver-assist systems are sort of a gateway into the next phase of driving, which is believed to be in part automated. As a driver, you react faster to hazards through driver assist systems, are notified when there are signs of driver fatigue.

This cool car gadget can even assist you while parking. Several technologies are built into driver-assist systems, and some are featured elsewhere on this list.

10. Lane Monitoring and Blind-Spot Alert

Lane monitoring technology notifies you if a car is drifting into your lane or if your car’s beginning to drift. Meanwhile, a blind-spot alert lets you know when there’s a car in your blind-spot. These are great assistive systems and technologies for when you have to switch lanes on busy roadways. They can help to avoid a motor vehicle accident.

There are other similar or complementary technologies to these, including cross-traffic alerts to notify you when backing out of a parking space.

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