10 IT Tasks Your Business Should Outsource

10 IT Tasks Your Business Should Outsource

If you’re the owner of a small business, you may have thought about outsourcing some of your business.Outsourcing gives new and small businesses the opportunity to take care of certain tasks while saving money and increasing productivity at the same time.

If you outsource tech-related tasks, you will be able to concentrate on other important responsibilities like customer service and sales, without hiring more employees.

Here are some of the IT tasks your small business could outsource.

? 1. Cloud Hosting

It’s expensive to host a cloud system in-house, and can be risky security-wise if the tech you use is outdated. Outsource your cloud technology and focus your efforts on using the cloud instead of maintaining it.

? 2. Infrastructure

When you outsource equipment like network systems, hardware, and servers, also called “infrastructure as a service or IaaS,” you could save millions of dollars in labour and costs. It takes a lot of money to buy and house equipment, and takes a lot of maintenance by a talented IT staff. Cut your budget and outsource IaaS; all you will have to pay for is a subscription or on a per-use basis.

? 3. Cybersecurity

Outsource to cybersecurity experts and rest easy knowing that your data is safe. Even if your IT service provider says your system is safe, you have to remember that IT vendors are not security experts. They are there to sell you IT services, not security.

? 4. Website Updates

It’s important to keep up with your website. There’s a lot to keep an eye on to make sure the site is up-to-date with the latest changes and trends in tech, so if you outsource, you can keep a strong presence online without taking time away from other important tasks.

? 5. QA Testing

If your team spends all its time developing apps and products, the testing process can be extremely tedious to ensure its quality is of the highest standard. Outsource your QA testing to be sure your apps and products are great, without burning out your developers.

? 6. Projects Outside Your Scope

If your company has any task that requires certain time and/or skills that your employees do not have, you need to outsource.

? 7. Business Apps

It’s not cheap to develop apps, and it takes a large time commitment and lots of patience. While you may think it is a great idea to create your own app(s) customized to your operations, there are several suitable business suites already developed and available for use, like Google Apps and MS Office 365. If you can outsource this infrastructure, you will save yourself a lot of time and possible frustration.

? 8. E-Commerce Site Design

Unless you’re an experienced website developer, you should not design your e-commerce site yourself. You want it to look good, run smoothly and efficiently, and work as it is meant to. This will keep your customers coming back, whereas a clunky, inefficient, or bug-riddled e-commerce site will keep people away. It can take years to learn how to develop a reliable e-store, so let an expert do it for you.

? 9. Anything You Can’t Automate

Even if something isn’t necessarily difficult or outside of your scope of ability, it might be too tedious and time-consuming to bother wasting resources on it with someone in-house. If you can’t automate those tasks, consider outsourcing.

? 10. Two-Factor Authentication

This is a type of security that requires two forms of ID to access confidential information, data, or bank accounts. It’s usually a username and a password or security code, or something similar. If you deal with sensitive data like bank accounts, you should implement two-factor authentication to help providers better protect their systems and to govern access.


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