Nothing quite compares to gliding along on a bike, fresh air in your lungs, and wind breezing past you so gracefully. As wonderful as biking is, however, sometimes there simply is no time to go for a nice, soul easing ride. What if you still want a good workout, though? The standard workout regimen takes a fair chunk of time, as well, so what are the options for the busy bike lover who needs a good workout?

Indoor biking is the answer, since it’s less time consuming and can somewhat simulate that feeling of cycling, especially when you involve a bike training app.

Let’s take a look at the best bike training apps that can revolutionize a boring session of exercise into something more:

1. Zwift

The best bike training app for competitive training

Available for iOS, Mac, and Windows, this app takes a run of the mill workout and turns it into a bit of a competition, as well as a virtual experience. Cyclists can join a group of fellow riders and see how they measure up. If the rider is putting in a better performance, they will begin to pull away from the crowd. If they can’t quite keep up, the group may move on without them. It offers a fun little distraction from the exercise, plus the rides are set against lovely virtual backdrops such as the Mayan Jungle, London, and Richmond, among many other courses.

Of course, there are direct races available for those who enjoy a bit of competition in their exercise, but there are also non-competitive training options for those who simply want to train. Zwift offers many pre-designed workouts, as well as imported coaching program content. All in all, Zwift offers a little bit of something for everyone.

In order to use Zwift, you will need a device that operates on iOS, MacOS, android, or Windows. To calculate virtual power, you can ride with a speed/cadence sensor, or use a power meter on a standard setup. However, the best experience is supposedly achieved with a smart turbo trainer, which simulates climbs, descents, and drafting effect.

Zwift offers a free seven day trial, and then costs $14.99 a month after that.

2. The Sufferfest

The best bike training app for beginners

With a name like The Sufferfest you’d probably assume that the bike training app caters to a specific type of cyclist, but that isn’t necessarily true. While it does offer some pretty intense courses, with matching humour and music to accompany it, Sufferfest is largely accessible to anyone.

You will be granted plenty of training plans to follow, albeit without the assistance of a coach, but the plans are more than adequate for anyone who can follow them properly. Video cycling workouts, a cyclist oriented yoga program, and a ten-week mental training program is included with an app subscription, as well.

The Sufferfest runs well on Windows, iOS, and MacOS. You will need at least a standard turbo trainer in order to use this app, however your time with it can be enhanced with a speed/cadence sensor and a power meter or a smart turbo trainer, similar to the Zwift recommendations.

To access The Sufferfest’s eye-opening training courses, it’s unique brand of humour, and all of the extra perks that comes along with the app, you will need to pay up $10 a month, or $99 per year.

3. TrainerRoad

The best bike training app for fitness enthusiast

If Zwift and The Sufferfest are a bit too colourful for your tastes, and you prefer a straight to the point, simple bike training app, then TrainerRoad is ideal for the fitness oriented individual. The app includes an expansive library of training plans that will undoubtedly match up with your specific needs and goals.

With over 1000 workouts to be discovered in its system, you can imagine that there must be a pretty specific assessment in order to find that perfect plan for you. These plans are based on FTP, or Functional Threshold Power, which will be evaluated for you upon your initial assessment.

TrainerRoad isn’t concerned with entertaining you, unlike the previous two entries on this list, but it is more interested in making you a better, faster cyclist. This may be a great thing for some people who are more serious about their training regimens and want to focus on being better over time.

This app runs of Windows, MacOS, iOS, and android. As with the previous apps, a speed/cadence sensor will help improve the app experience, and a standard turbo bike is required. Naturally, you can use a bike with a power meter, or a smart turbo trainer for better results.

While there is no free trial, you can get a refund within the first 30 days if you feel that this app isn’t for you. TrainerRoad is available to use for $12 a month, or $99 per year.

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