3 Innovative Features of Security Counting Software

3 Innovative Features of Security Counting Software

Many companies invest in a security system with the sole purpose of monitoring and protecting their business in the case of an accident or intrusion. However, nowadays, security systems can do so much more than monitor and alarm. Security software is continuously improving, it is growing and changing to adapt to the needs of each company. One of the options in security software that is becoming increasingly popular is a people and vehicle counting system. This system is largely beneficial for the retail or service industry.

A people or vehicle counting software system is a software that counts how many people and vehicles are at your business’s location at any time of the day. The goal of this system is to understand the patterns of traffic for your business and allow for proper demand planning.

The following are the main benefits of a people and vehicle counting software system.

1. Demand Planning

By understanding the hourly traffic that your company receives, you will be able to better plan for the demand. For example, if you own a retail store and a pattern states that between the hours of 5 pm – 9 pm your store has three times the amount of traffic than other hours throughout the day, you can then plan staff accordingly for those high traffic hours as well as adjust the low traffic hours.

In another industry that this type of software is greatly valued is the fast food business. Not only will the people and vehicle counting software help you plan for the required amount of staff, but will give great insight into the amount of food required, what time to begin preparation, and how to prepare the facilities.

2. Advertisement or Sale Attention

As your business is always trying new ways to grab consumer attention and generate more traffic, this system can give you insight into what works and what doesn’t. If your clothing store has a window promotion of 20% off one day, and the next day a buy 1 get 1 free promotion, with the data from the counting software, you can determine which types of advertisements are best for your company.

By comparing the analytics that is prepared from the system, you will be given great marketing insight for your company which can also help you plan for future advertising and marketing campaigns. This is a great, verified way to see if your marketing efforts have a return on investment.

3. Determine Required Space

For all customers, it is truly important to give them a pleasant experience from the moment they enter your business location until they leave. This includes the space outside of your office. So many customers complain about the lack of available parking at the business location and it can often be a reason for them not to even enter the store or office. With a people and vehicle counting software system, you will be able to arrange and prepare for the required amount of space your business needs. This insight will help decide if you need to invest in more parking or building space, or if you have an excess.

A business security system is one of the best, and necessary investments a company needs. Though, if you can, why not go further than that. Investing in a people and vehicle counting system software will provide great business insights that will enhance how you service customers, grow your company, and market your products. The information that is provided by this software will help you turn data into profitable solutions for your business.

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