As an E-Commerce retailer, it can be easy to fall into the mold of the internet, and get lost in a Google search before you ever get the chance to make a name for yourself. After you hammer through the logistics of website development, social media management, purchasing AdWords, collaborating with influencers, and whatever other goals your company has in its development, there’s shipping. From start to finish, you want your business to be a smooth, enjoyable, visionary process for your customers. You want to include them in your brand story and encourage the lifestyle of your business objectives. That in mind, their final impression is just as crucial as their initial one. This guide will help you select the right packaging company for your E-Commerce store. Just ask these questions.

1. Will the company be able to fulfill all of my orders every month?

Whether you’re a startup with a few orders a month, an Etsy store with a good handful, or a successful business with more than 500 a month, you need a company that will help you fulfill orders in a timely manner. Ask the company about their infrastructure, what shipping demands they have the capacity to meet, and whether they ship international or national. Decide what is important to you, what’s a priority, and what you cannot compromise on when it comes to selecting the right packaging company. If red flags go up about your milestones being met, it’s time to investigate other companies. How will this company help your business succeed? In any collaboration, you should always be enhancing your business. Never settle for low quality practices.

2. Will the company evolve with mine to fit higher demands?

Your shipping company may be able to handle your small demands now, but if you foresee major growth within your company and a corresponding inability from the shipping company to meet your business’s evolution, it’s time to reconsider. In the digital age, you know how fast things can grow, sometimes unprecedented, and other times, well-planned out. Do your research. Find relevant case studies that can help your business succeed. Find out what other companies the shipping company serves, and find out what their satisfaction ratings are, as well as their numbers. As a business owner, you should know the pivotal things you can never skip over. Remember – no compromises  on quality!

3. Does the company offer custom packaging for my E-Commerce store?

This is wear your vision should come to life with the final touches. Does the shipping company you seek out have the ability to customize their boxes for each company they serve, or are they standard, dull, and not memorable? You want a box that people want to talk about, one they want to post on social media, and encourage their friends to buy. You believe in your business. Your box and final impression should be a reflection of that. Can you choose the colors, shapes, and design? Do you have a design in mind that you want implemented by them? See how they can work with you to meet your needs. Keep your goals steady, but expansive.

Whatever shipping company you choose, remember they are a representation of your business. Settling on a low quality service enables poor reviews on your business’s customer service, shipment practices, and overall satisfaction. You worked hard to build your business. Your shipping company should reflect that, enhance it, and make everything you do all the better from start to finish.

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