3 Practical Benefits of a Dash Cam

3 Practical Benefits of a Dash Cam

Dashboard cameras seem to be gaining in popularity and this is actually a good thing. It can be incredibly helpful, both directly and indirectly. In some countries, it is already a law to have one. The dash cam craze took off in Eastern Bloc countries and now, here in Canada, there are people who have dash cams in their cars.

Not only can it help you if you were involved in an accident, you could spot something else as well, totally unrelated. People have recorded aeroplanes crashing just as few hundred yards from them! A dash cam may catch someone assaulting another person, or perhaps someone firing a gun and running away. Here are the top reasons why owning a dash cam can be a great investment.

1. Protection From Fraud

There are some people who will do anything, even on the road. For example, you have a new car and you’re stuck on a congested highway. The person in front of you has a car that looks like it’s held together by dental floss. You notice that they keep looking at you in their rear-view mirror. Suddenly, they reverse and hit you! It looks like a nose-tail collision and you could be in trouble. It becomes a he-said-she-said situation and you actually appear to be the guilty one. But wait; your dash cam caught it all. Case closed.

Even in a legitimate scenario where you are indeed involved in a genuine accident, video footage is compelling. If you are not at fault, the insurance company will not deny your claim. In the event it results in litigation, the other party will not have a leg to stand on.

2. Parking In Public

When you park in public, anything can happen. You could go a couple of years without anything happening, but one day, something does. There is no way you can know what happened unless you have a dash cam.

You park your pride and joy only to come back to see it dented. If there were no cameras in the parking lot or wherever you parked, you’re going to be really angry. However, if you have a dash cam and left it running, you can see what happened and maybe even get the license plate of the person who dented your car.

3. Protect Yourself – From Cops!

There are good cops. No, really. If we are honest, we also know that there are bad ones out there. The police are just as capable of breaking the law except when they do, they almost always get away with it. In the last few years, there have been cases of police brutality both here in Canada and in the United States, leading to riots. Why is that? Well, a lot of these incidents were caught on camera, some by dash cam while others shot clips on their mobile. It is human nature to abuse power.

If Lady Luck deserts you and you get stopped by a cop who said you ran a red light, you have proof that you did not. If you have gotten into trouble with the police, having a dash cam and contacting a car accident lawyer are your two best bets.

With a dash cam, you can prove you were in the right. It is a great protective insurance to have. Many people have caught accidents right before their eyes that had nothing to do with them. They may have caught a car turning a corner, hitting a pedestrian and speeding off. You could help with investigation by providing evidence. Occasionally, you may catch some fun stuff as well. You never know, you could upload it and it could go viral!

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