Shipping costs will eat away at your bottom line. It’s tough, but that’s what happens.

Indeed, many companies have implemented a series of smart measures that can help reduce these exorbitant costs, but if Amazon can’t do it, then it’s safe to say that most others can’t either.

What’s the solution? Think small. That’s right, think small, not big. This means that you need to hone in on the minuscule items and the stuff that you may think is irrelevant, such as the packaging supplies that you utilize to ship goods across Canada, the United States or overseas.

Everything from the boxes to the tape to the envelopes, there’s actually quite a bit you can do to save on shipping costs with packaging supplies. You just need to know what to do.

Here are four packaging supplies tips for your online store:

1. Use Free Shipping Supplies from Couriers

Many shipping couriers will provide you with free packaging supplies if you are a regular customer. FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, it doesn’t matter. They will give you a great deal of supplies for free should you ship a large amount of goods every single week of the year.

This is something you must take advantage of. If this can reduce your shipping costs then it is something that you must always do.

2. Reuse Some of Your Packaging Supplies

Just think of all of the packages you get on a daily or weekly basis. Envelopes, boxes, bubble wrap, fillers and so much more. Why not reuse these supplies for your packaging needs?

Moreover, if you have leftover packaging supplies for previous shipments, then why not use these as well? This can save you a lot of money down the line.

Right here, you can save a lot of money by simply reusing packaging supplies, either from your own inventory for from someone else.

3. Free Shipping on Minimum [Insert $ Amount]

Here is where you can save big on packaging supplies, and shipping overall: adding a free shipping on minimum purchases.

You have seen this on Amazon: you spend a minimum of $35 and you get free shipping.

Not only do you give your sales a boost and generate more revenues, you cut down on the amount of packaging supplies you will need, whether it’s boxes or fillers.

For instance, if three customers each purchase a book, then you will need three separate boxes. However, if these customers decide to buy three books, then you still only need three separate boxes. This is much better than constantly utilizing all of your supplies for a single order.

4. Know Your Measurements

Do your homework, due diligence and research. What are we talking about? Know your measurements.

What packaging supplies will be required will depend upon the measurements. The length, width and depth of the package will determine what and how many supplies are needed.

In addition, the weight of the package will also demand specific packaging supplies. If the item is heavy and fragile, then you will need a lot of protection. However, if the item is small and durable, then it may not need much other than a box or envelope to ship it in.

Done! Just think of the savings!

Shipping costs…shipping costs…shipping costs…This is frustrating for every online retailer.

Every year, Amazon reports an increase in its shipping costs, even as it embraces innovative technology, including drones and airplane leases. As we mentioned earlier, if Amazon can’t avoid higher shipping costs then you are likely unable to as well.

That said, if you concentrate your efforts on packaging supplies, then you could save a lot of dollars and cents. And, in today’s economy, every little bit counts!

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