An ID card printer can be an expensive machine. Unlike normal printers that are relatively cheap now, ID card printers are special printers that help you in the process of making professional-looking ID cards. These printers can run into a few thousand dollars. Proper maintenance is needed to make sure that your printer functions efficiently and lasts for a long time. Here are some tips to help with the care of your ID card printer.

1. Cleaning

Before you pick a spot as a permanent place for the ID printer, make sure that there’s no dust, moisture or excessive heat. If possible, keep it away from heating and cooling units. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight or be in close proximity to any ventilation ducts. Don’t place lots of items around it; in other words, it should have proper air circulation around it.

Whatever the brand of your printer, it will have a specific cleaning kit. Refer to the manual to clean the printer at the suggested intervals. Dust or debris could damage the printhead, which is expensive. Regular cleaning allows the printer to perform optimally and produce high quality cards. Try to only use a cleaning kit that’s specifically for that particular printer.

2. Use The Right Ribbon

It’s important to use the right ribbon for your printer. These are made to be used specifically for that particular printer model. This will help ensure that the printer will provide superior image and colour quality and that the printer functions as it should with no problems.

3. Protection From Dust

Such a simple act of placing a dust cover on your printer when it’s not in use can really help to protect it from dust, debris and moisture. By doing this diligently, your printer will keep producing excellent results. It’s also going to protect the printhead which is sensitive and costs a lot of money to replace.

4. Use High Quality Cards

Use high quality cards with your printer as this will reduce the need to print again if cards are of a lower quality. Try to keep cards in its original packing until it’s ready to be used. When it’s time to use the cards, make sure to handle the cards by the edge so as not to transfer oils or moisture from your fingers onto the cards. This helps protect the sensitive printhead.

Make sure that whoever does the printing is trained to do so. Though it’s simple to use, someone new may not know enough to be careful about handling cards, the sensitivity of the printhead or storing the printer properly when they’re done. It’s the little things that you do responsibly that will help keep your printer in great shape.

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