To predict the future, you must create it. This version of the famous power-packed quote is attributed to both Abraham Lincoln and Peter Drucker. However, no one has ever brought this wisdom to life better than Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc. who passed on in 2005. He was reported to have had the gift of convincing his team of designers to come up with products that customers didn’t even know they would need.

Even when his designers could not conceive his futuristic ideas, he would dramatically paint his reality in their minds even when it appeared distorted and removed from what was easily conceivable. His team of designers came up with the term “Reality Distortion Field” to refer to Steve Job’s futuristic, often “impossible” reality.

If invention is the mother of necessity, then innovation is that necessity. Without continuous innovation, growth stymies and companies ultimately go out of business.

In today’s business world, companies must either innovate or be edged out of business by other competitors and new entrants. Staying in the comfort zone leaves them exposed to competition that, with time, will edge them out of business. To stay on the cutting edge, they must continuously innovate.

These claims are supported by studies that have shown that businesses that innovate record higher productivity as opposed to those that fail or refuse to innovate. Innovation is the key driver of productivity and profitability in business.

The construction sector should be at the forefront of innovation and continuous improvement if its products are to remain relevant and competitive. Those in the construction industry that fail to innovate will most likely be pushed out of business.

Below are five reasons why construction companies should consider using innovative construction materials.

1. They Are Easily Recyclable

Innovative construction materials have been known to promote green living since they are mostly recyclable. With fewer natural materials being used for construction, the environment benefits since there is a reduction of tree cutting. This promotes construction of buildings that enhance environmental conservation.

2. They Help Businesses to Remain Competitive

Since most construction companies are going green through the use of innovative construction materials, to fail to innovate would be to innovatively reduce your competitive edge. The reality is that the traditional methods of construction are being replaced by more innovative methods that are geared towards conserving the environment.

3. They Reduce Costs

Innovative construction materials are manufactured with a keen eye on cost reduction. Besides reduced costs of buying these materials, the construction costs are also lower than those of traditional construction materials.

4. They Offer Quick Installation

Innovative, specifically manufactured construction materials are quick to install. For instance, one can build a prefabricated two-bedroom house within two weeks or less. The reduced turnaround times mean that more units can be built at a fraction of the time it would normally take when using traditional materials.

5. They’re Stronger but Lighter

Innovative construction materials are lighter, yet stronger. This makes it easy to haul them around during construction and to transport them from one location to another. Besides, due to the fact that they are light, a two-bedroom house can be completed at one location and then be transported to another location.

It is therefore important for every construction company to consider using innovative construction materials since not doing so will endanger their survival in the industry. Like Peter Drucker said, the surest way to predict the future is to create it. Green innovative construction materials are the future of the construction industry. If your company is not using them, it risks being left behind in the future.

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