5 Clever Gadgets to Increase Home Security

5 Clever Gadgets to Increase Home Security

Any homeowner understands the importance of keeping their home secure. Without the aid of top security systems or even just a few simple things to enhance security, a homeowner is virtually inviting his home to be robbed. Depending on several factors like affordability and location, sometimes the simplest measures will improve security as opposed to nothing at all. Here are a few things to improve home security but is also for convenience.

1. Smart Bulb

You can use your smartphone (wherever you are in the world) to turn your lights on and off. This gives the impression that there’s someone at home. You can program it so that lights go on and off periodically. Generally, intruders wouldn’t want to target a home if there’s someone there. This technology acts as a deterrent.

2. Smart Outlet

Like a smart bulb, a smart outlet can also act like a deterrent to would-be intruders. You would plug the device into an outlet. The device itself has an outlet, so you would plug a TV or your stereo into the smart outlet. Again, this can be controlled by you from another location with your smartphone. If your TV or stereo is blaring or comes on and shuts off on its own, intruders would think there’s someone at home and move on.

3. Smart Doorbell

This ingenious device is worth its weight in gold. You never have to open the door for strangers again. It comes with a camera so you can see who it is. When someone rings your doorbell, you will receive a notification through your device, which will be your smartphone. A two-way microphone allows you to communicate with the visitor. You could even record the interaction and upload it to the cloud if you wish.

4. Dummy Cameras

This is an option for those who cannot afford a top security system. You can use it if you live in a decent neighbourhood with very little thefts. If only petty thefts occur, it may still be worth it. Petty criminals are usually inexperienced and can be fooled into thinking you have a security system. However, don’t use this in a neighbourhood with its fair share of robberies. If you’re targeted, you’ll have no evidence. Clever, experienced criminals can differentiate between a fake and real camera.

5. Barking Dog Alarm

This clever gadget can scare off intruders. Not all are made equal. Some have a repetitive sound which sounds fake while others sound just like the real thing. A sensor picks up movement and a large ‘dog’ inside the home starts barking. Intruders don’t want noise or a dog so they’ll take off.

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