I think it’s safe to say that organization is important to any business. Without being well organized, a company’s efforts can be scattered to the wind without any real progress being made, and that’s a real tragedy for a hard worker. This is why software that focuses on field management is such an important tool for many businesses.

However, what are some things that need to be asked before dedicating yourself to field service management software? Well, in the guide below you will find five important questions to ask before buying field management software.

1. How Much Does it Cost?

When it comes to a service like this, the price point is incredibly important. While field management is incredibly important, you can’t kill your profits because of it. Therefore, finding the right price for you is key. Plus, you need to try to avoid contracts if at all possible. Who needs to be locked into a contract, right? Also, this is a case wherein the most expensive option may not be the best for you, so try not to make a decision based on price alone.

2. What Features are Included?

Features are always nice! However, you may not need some of them, and you definitely do not want to pay for them. Pay attention and ask questions about features that you are unfamiliar with in order to better understand the roles that they play. In fact, it may not be a terrible idea to sit in on a demonstration of the software so you can learn about how all of the bells and whistles work, and how to use them in your favour.

3. How Easy is Set Up?

When it comes to software like this, it is typically easier to set up on your end. The entire point of the software is to make your life simpler, after all. Some services will set the accounts up for you, relieving you of one more headache in your long day.

If you do find yourself in charge of setting things up, it is once again recommended that you sit in on a demonstration in order to learn how to use the field service management software effectively. This isn’t really something that you want to simply learn as you go, so research is good.

4. What Support and Training will You Receive?

When you buy a new tool, learning how to properly use it is the first thing that should be on your mind. Support should always be on hand in case you have some serious questions about any errors or issues that you may run into. Training, on the other hand, can help remove most of those issues by teaching you how to fix the problems yourself. It’s advised that you take any training that your field management software provider offers, as it can really maximize your experience.

5. Can You Customize the Software?

Generally, it is advised that you do not make any big changes to the software on your own. This can lead to some big fees added to your bill, and that’s no fun. If you feel the need to make some changes, you should ask support about what you can do without getting fined more than you already are. Being a little extra cautious never hurt anyone, after all.

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