5 Coolest Ways to Destroy Your Hard Drive

5 Coolest Ways to Destroy Your Hard Drive

After taking a look around your office, you have concluded on one thing: your technology is outdated – you still have those bulky monitors and floppy disk drives! Yep, your tech is old.

Before you splurge on new office-wide computers, tablets, hard drives and other tech trinkets for your staff to work on, you must perform one task to shield your data from identity theft or security infiltration: hard drive destruction, an important tool in today’s digital environment.

Hard drive destruction is a popular method in the modern era for companies and households alike. Since you have compiled a lot of data and information on those hard drives over the years, the obvious measure to employ is to delete and destroy.

This ensures you’re protected down the line.

Remember, if your hard drive has given you a hard time for the last five or 10 years, you can copy the famous scene from “Office Space” and beat up your hard drive with a baseball bat.

Here are five tips for your business to destroy hard drives:

1. The Coolest Way: Select a Weapon of Your Choice

Do you have a pair of goggles? If not, you should buy a pair right now. You may be wondering why: because you are going to physically destroy the hard drive. That’s right. You can release all of your data by physically harming the hard drive so no one can ever use it again.

What is your weapon of choice? Hammer? Baseball bat? Chainsaw? High powered rifles? Whatever weapon you select, you must be careful and sport some goggles.

2. The Hottest Way: Burn, Baby, Burn – Hard Drive Inferno

Some people like to use weapon, while others prefer nature to perform their dirty work. In other words, you can use the power of fire to help destroy your hard drives. Simply put: you can place your old hard drive in a pit of fire, stand back and mutter to yourself: burn, baby, burn.

3. The Technical Way: Wipe the Internal Hard Drive

One of the very first steps you need to take is to wipe the internal hard drive. By doing this, you take the extra precaution to protect your data from unnecessary access by nefarious culprits.

Here are a few tips to permanently erase the files on your hard drive:

  • Utilize free data destruction software.
  • A Degausser can help erase your hard drive.
  • Format your hard drive, but you will only get rid of the location information.

These are ways to internally wipe the hard drive.

4. The Environmental Way: Recycle the Hard Drive

Now that you can have effectively eviscerated all of your files in the hard drive – reports, images, your abandoned Great American Novel – you have the option of recycling the device at an e-recycling outfit. This will likely be refurbished and sold at some used computer store.

5. The Professional Way: Take on a Shredder for Your Drive

Should you want to avoid getting your hands dirty, the simple solution is to hire a professional shredding company to help you destroy your hard drive. These are private firms that have the manpower, resources and equipment to effectively extinguish your hard drive and leave you some confetti to reminisce about the good old days when your hard drive wouldn’t save.

Today, when you’re transitioning into new and better technology for your office, you must embrace data destruction to ensure that everything is well protected from iniquitous eyes. Otherwise, you risk placing your confidential files in harm’s way, and you don’t want that.

Hard drive destruction is one of the latest trends in the marketplace. Manual deletion and device shredding, baseball bats and fire, there are numerous ways to not only obliterate that faulty hard drive but to also ensure your company’s reputation is intact and fraud does not take place.

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