Technology has evolved rapidly over the last hundred years. In fact, some technology today bares little resemblance to its predecessor. Below are 5 examples of old vs. new technology.

1. Laptops

Laptops back in the day were heavy, bulky, and ugly. Software was limited to very basic binary functions. Today, laptops are essential tools in businesses and school. They are lightweight, powerful, and beautifully designed.

2. Televisions

The first television was invented in 1927. They had grainy picture quality and few channels. Today, televisions are curved, have unbelievable picture quality, and have 3D capabilities.

3. Microwaves

Technology in our kitchens have also evolved immensely. Microwaves for instance have gone from simply an enclosed box that spews radiation to an elegantly designed appliance that has pre-programmed settings that will perfectly pop your popcorn.

4. Toasters

Staying on the topic of technology within the kitchen, toasters have also come a long way. The first toasters looked more like a torture device from the SAW movies. Today’s toasters have electronic displays, timers, and even options where you can check on your toast without disrupting the heating cycle.

5. Tools

Tools have evolved very little over the years, however, more and more tools are being infused with technology such as this electronic tape measurer. An electronic display helps shows a much more accurate measurement.


Can you think of any other pieces of technology that have evolved drastically overtime? Leave a comment below!

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