5 Innovative Features to Explore in Your Service Management Software

5 Innovative Features to Explore in Your Service Management Software

Did you know that you can transform your business by using field service management software? Not only can it increase profits and make your business run much more smoothly, but it’s also great for your customers as well. The software can be used in many industries to streamline the business with its many features and benefits. Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Using the software, no customer will be missed, enhancing your relationship with them. Impressed customers lead to retaining their business and will likely lead them to giving glowing referrals. Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing FSM software.

1. Ability To Integrate

Before getting any program, make sure that you research and ask the supplier if the software can integrate seamlessly with your current system. If not, there’s really no point in introducing the software, so be careful. The program must be able to combine your office staff (the backline) with the mobile workforce (the frontline), so that the whole team can work together like clockwork. Make sure that it features SMS technology so that customers are kept in the loop in an instant at all times.

2. Mobile Capacity

Keep in mind that any technology or software that you want to use must have the mobile workforce in mind or you will lose out and not realize the full potential of the software. For example, real-time scheduling must have mobile reach so that staff and clients have all the information they need and when it’s needed. Remember, the software technology you use must make a difference in productivity.

3. Importance Of Being User-Friendly

Whatever FSM software you choose for your company, keep in mind that it has to be user-friendly. This doesn’t necessarily mean for you (as a company), per se, but more for the end-user (the client). Whatever decisions you make and update, would it be easy for the end-user to understand, operate or learn? Does it have an uncomplicated interface? Remember, it’s one thing for you in the office to run the software, but if the end-user on the road encounters difficulty, then this will be a problem.

4. Cost

As a company, this will be a major consideration, but the most important thing here to remember is the big picture and what the long-term implications are. Yes, it could be more than you were prepared to pay and yes, there may be a system overhaul and various other changes such as new hardware to accommodate the implementation of FSM software. There also may be maintenance costs on an ongoing basis, but, with the right software for the business, the long-term benefits in terms of savings, time and efficiency FSM software can provide must be taken into consideration.

5. Ongoing Support

Support, particularly ongoing support along with great customer service is always important. During the process of implementing the FSM software, you will need this support from your supplier. You have to make sure that your requirements are coordinated with your business needs and objectives. It’s also important that when your software actually goes “live”, this support is continued so that the software gives you the best possible results for the investment you’ve made.

Other things to consider when choosing the right software are security features, scalability and collating data. Since a lot of information will be handled and accessed, security will always be an issue. You need to be assured that there will be no security breach and that regular security reviews will take place. You also want to be able to scale up when the time and need arises. As you grow, you may need to adapt to this growth and the FSM software must be able to handle such growth and provide solutions so that there is no need for expensive upgrades. Analyzing and collating data must be performed quickly and be easily understood. This aids the making of informed decisions as well as coming up with accurate business plans. There’s no doubt that with the right FSM software, everyone’s a winner.

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