Timesheet software applications allow an employer to accurately and efficiently keep track of the hours worked that an employee has recorded. Such an application is important to businesses across industries as it keeps track of all information relating to timesheets, schedules, and time off.

There are many different timesheet programs out there that may appear to be exactly what you are looking for, but you need to make sure that it will indeed work for you and your company. Below are features that are necessary in the employee timesheet application that you choose for your business.

1. Trial

Before you commit to purchasing timesheet software for your company you want to make sure that the one you are considering has all features that you will need. After researching different applications, inquire about a seven-day trial to test the software. This will give you and staff enough time to test the software and you can then make a proper assessment regarding whether the software is a right fit for your company.

Do not purchase any software that does not allow you to test it first. This will set you up for major disappointment as it will more than likely be missing a major component that you require.

2. Ability to change variables

Obviously, you want to be able to adapt and change the program to suit your needs. After all, no business is the same.  For this reason, it is imperative that you are able to perform such tasks as defining roles of all employees and specifying schedules and pay rates. Adding separate departments and being able to add or delete employees from these is also essential too. You should be able to identify and implement policies in accordance with company expectations such as minimum and maximum hours to be worked daily or per month.

You should also be able to specify any restrictions or required fields within the software to guarantee that employees enter all information needed. An effective timesheet application will allow management to set permission levels to ensure only those that require access to the timesheets are privy to them.

3. Generate customizable reports

Time reports need to be generated from the timesheet software and customized based on specified variables of the user. An effective application will allow for filters to be used that can compose reports based on only the information required such as employee name, position, department, or project. Reports should be able to be generated electronically in PDF or spreadsheet formats for easy distribution to departments such as accounting, human resources, or management.

4. Notifications

The timesheet software that you choose for your business should include a comprehensive notification process. This feature will allow you to establish and send out notifications, either manually or automatically, to remind your employees to input their hours worked or inform them of the approval or denial of any time off requested.

Notifications can also be sent informing employees of any overtime that is available or new schedule postings. This notification process will allow uniformity in your workplace and ensure all employees are on time and up-to-date on everything related to timesheets and schedules.

5. Integration

When you own a business, you want to ensure processes are flawless and a common goal is usually to remove some guesswork from practices and still guarantee efficiency. An effective timesheet application will allow you to do this as it allows for the integration with many other programs that your company may use on a daily basis. For example, the timesheet software can be paired with the accounting software and generate the amount to be paid to employees based on hours recorded.

The timesheet application should allow for seamless integration across platforms without sacrificing accuracy and efficiency. Confirm that the timesheet software that you are considering permits third-party integration and is compatible with programs that you already use. This will prevent you from having to purchase new programs due to being unable to pair one with the other.

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