Most people have embraced shredding, a process of destroying documents. But what about your seven-year-old hard drives? Now that is something that you have to start thinking about now.

Forget document destruction – this is too passé nowadays! The latest trend in homes and offices everywhere is hard drive destruction, something that we all must do to combat identity theft.

As businesses everywhere update their information technology and as households continue to upgrade their electronics every 18 months, we tend to forget that we have accumulated a lot of information on our hard drives, some of which is really important and sensitive.

There is a plethora of reasons why households and businesses alike would want to partake in hard drive destruction: avoid identity theft, get rid of outdated information or ensure nobody gets their dirty hands on your personal details. These are just some of them.

Here are five important steps to take before you destroy your hard drive:

1. Wipe Your Entire Hard Drive

Prior to grabbing your sledgehammer or blowtorch, you must first wipe your entire hard drive clean. You can achieve this by deleting every file one by one or by utilizing a disk format software to permanently erase your files.

It is true that hackers will know how to retrieve this data, but if the hard drive is both wiped and destroyed (see below) then you will be alright!

2. Transfer Files to Another Hard Drive

Do you already have another computer with a stellar 3 TB hard drive? Have you already purchased an external hard drive that holds up to 5 TB of memory? Well, it is perhaps time to finally transfer all of your files from your old hard drive to your brand new one.

This is also a perfect opportunity to comb through your inventory of files. You can determine which files you wish to keep and which ones you want to erase from history.

3. Head to the Cloud

Cloud computing has become all the rage in recent years. As more and more businesses go paperless, a lot of companies are adopting cloud software. This also means that they’re transferring many of their files into the cloud realm.

Simply put: they’re heading to the cloud.

Since you are in the middle of destroying your hard drives, now would be an opportune time to at least transfer a small portion of your files to some sort of cloud program for your office.

4. Buy New External Hard Drives

Now that you no longer have any hard drives to utilize, you must seek out hefty external hard drives to store all of your files and backup your computer systems. Without these hard drives, it will be harder to maintain a paperless office – you may have to resort to paper once again!

Indeed, external hard drives get better with each passing year. No matter what, you should acquire an external hard drive that comes with the most amount of terabyte storage possible.

5. Pick Your Poison

Here we go…it’s time for the fun part: physically destroying your hard drives.

There are multiple ways to eviscerate your hard drives. Here are just a few of them:

  • Grab a baseball bat, sledgehammer or hammer and beat it up.
  • Start a fire and throw the hard drive into the pit.
  • Hire a professional shredding firm to destroy your hard drive.
  • Use that drill sitting in the back of your closet and poke holes through it.

At last! You can finally perform that famous fax machine scene from “Office Space.”

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