5 Smart Features You Want in a Driveway Alarm

5 Smart Features You Want in a Driveway Alarm

With your home being your most valuable asset, you should take reasonable steps to protect it. You should always feel safe in your own home and know that your loved ones are safe there too.

One of the best ways to keep your home secure is to invest in alarm systems—in particular, a driveway alarm that can alert you to intruders before they even get near your home. With modern-day technology, many driveway alarms are now conveniently wireless.

There are many benefits of installing a wireless driveway alarm. See below for some smart reasons to get one set up at your house.

1. Prevent Unwanted Visitors

First and foremost, these alarms can protect you from intruders who intend to damage or break into your property. On a smaller scale, they can stop you from having to deal with unwanted salesmen.

The alarm will alert you when somebody is approaching your home. You can then quickly call the police in the case of dangerous intruders or ignore the doorbell in the case of pesky salesmen. Either way, you’ll get the alert you need to take the appropriate steps depending on the situation.

When you purchase a wireless driveway alarm, you’ll never be caught off guard by unwanted visitors again.

2. Child and Pet Safety

Having a wireless driveway alarm not only alerts you to those coming into your home but it also alerts you to those going out.

If you have children or pets in the home, this type of signal can be invaluable.

If your child or pet starts to stray too far from the safety of the front yard, you will be alerted and can quickly turn them around so they stay safe.

It’s not unheard of for a child to be taken from their own front lawns, and it’s also not uncommon for a small child—or dog—to run out into the road after their favourite ball. Having an alarm system installed that can help you prevent these types of incidences is worth the investment.

3. Smartphone Capabilities and Personalized Settings

Unlike standard alarm system set-ups, these new wireless driveway alarms allow for personalized and unique settings regarding distances and timing required to set off the alarm. The best part? You can control these settings directly from your mobile phone.

Some models even allow you to monitor the safety of your home remotely while away through the use of a convenient smartphone app.

4. Peace of Mind

Having a driveway alarm set up gives you peace of mind. Whether you are in the house or out of town, you’ll know your home is secured and the police can be alerted automatically in the event of an intruder ignoring the alarm.

A driveway alarm also acts as a deterrent—knowing you have an alarm can stop intruders in their tracks and make them think twice about approaching your home.

5. Easy Installation

These alarms couldn’t be easier to set up and install. Plus, they are small and sleek in design, meaning that even if intruders were to try to find your alarm to disable it, it’s unlikely they would manage to find it without being noticed. The alarms do not rely on wiring and so they are also less likely to malfunction. This also means there is no need for ground work or wall destruction to get wiring connected.

If you want to keep your home safe from intruders and ensure your loved ones are safe inside the house, investing in a wireless driveway alarm is worthwhile. Plus, wireless driveway alarms are so simple and easy to set up and offer smartphone capabilities, making them a smart choice for any cautious homeowner.

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