Technology is impacting every major industry and mining is no exception. Mining is an intricate field with a ton of variables that impact the success of mining operations. This blog post looks at six different ways technology is going to change the mining industry in the future!

1. Operating Costs Will Fall

Artificial intelligence programs will make it easy to find ways for mining companies to improve their operations. One of the biggest costs in the mining industry is labor. Not only does it cost money to pay workers, but the employees also have to be efficient in order to make the investment worth it. Using autonomous equipment in mining operations can help employees raise their productivity to around the 90% range. This increase in human efficiency will also help your investment in equipment become more worthwhile. Autonomous technology is predicted to save mining companies around 80% in total costs associated with labor.

2. Machine Use Will Be Limited To Necessary Situations

Artificial intelligence systems can analyze environments and make it easy for your team to pick the right tool for the right job. Misusing machinery significantly shortens its lifespan and costs you money in repairs. Autonomous programs can correctly follow mine protocols, handle malfunctions and notice equipment failures with almost 100% accuracy. Even the best miner is susceptible to making mistakes because of a bad nights sleep or a temporary mental lapse. Artificial intelligence tools will help miners become better at their jobs and perform their duties with high levels of accuracy.

3. Technology Will Make It Easier To Protect Miners

Technology such as underground mining software is going to make it much easier to protect miners in the future. Planning is a crucial part of the mining process and can take your company a long time to put together a plan for a new mining site. Mine planning software can help you accurately model the mine on your computer and run simulations that make it easier to complete your plan. You can also use drones and robots to identify flammable gasses, unstable materials and possible floods that may potentially affect your miners. Mining technologies have the ability to predict and monitor dangerous situations which makes it easier to protect miners.

4. Artificial Intelligence Can Increase Deposit Yield

Automated technologies can help your companies locate rich mine sites. Using these technologies can drastically increase the number of sites available to your company without having to spend hours and hours searching. The future may also bring automated mining technologies that can harvest ore from tiny seams where people and equipment cannot safely fit.

5. Technology Will Make It Easier To Stay Environmentally Responsible

The biggest impact technology will have in the mining sector is increasing efficiency. By finding new ways to streamline your processes, you can reduce your companies impact on the environment. Automated technologies allow you to decide on the best tools for the job by running simulations instead of trial and error in the field. Running simulations instead of the trial and error method reduce how often your machines are running which is beneficial for the environment and also increases the longevity of your equipment.

6. Mining Software Will Make It Easier To Find Areas For Improvement

The mining process is incredibly intricate and consists of numerous segments and section. In order for your system to work properly, you need skilled operators and an ability to see the big picture. Automated systems can help you view your organization from a macro perspective and find areas where you can reduce unnecessary expenditures. Mining software will also be able to simulate the best outcomes before attempting them and empower your staff to become more better at their job.

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