7 Aspects of a Leak Detector Machine

7 Aspects of a Leak Detector Machine

Quality control of your packages are vital especially to prevent perishable products from damage or contamination. This can be achieved by applying a seal integrity testing system that runs a number of tests to check if packages have any faulty leaks or pressure problems.

It is always good to invest in a single testing machine that is not only durable, but also one that can perform leak detection tests for different types of packaging. There are machines made of stainless steel parts that are suited for a wide range of packaging application, including medical and pharmaceutical, pet foods, food and beverages, manufacturing, and more.

Here are the seven aspects of a leak detector machine:

1. Quality

A leak detection equipment system is generally very simple, reliable and repeatable to allow for quality control consistency and process monitoring. Leak detection of sealed packages is a key step in the quality control process. Seal integrity is important for quality control and assurance to consumers. A compromised package can affect the protective atmosphere and the shelf life of the product.

Furthermore, it can lead to health related issues if these products are purchased under such conditions. There could be other issues to deal with when the seal package lacks integrity such as lawsuits, withdrawal of products or revenue loss. A single all-purpose leak detection machine can prevent all these issues and assure quality in packaging.

2. One machine

Cost adds up if you have to buy different machines to carry out different tests. With an all-purpose machine, you can save on costs and time in testing the seal of packages. Machines made of stainless steel parts are a better option to brass or plastic components. When investing in a machine make sure it suited for a wide range of packaging applications.

3. Wide range of packaging

The testing machine should be able to check different types of packages such as stand-up pouches, rigid trays, vacuum skin packs, sachets, thermoform packages and reclosable packages. It will be good if one leak detector machine is able to test a wide range of packages for perishable manufacturers including meats, seafood, cheese, coffee, cereal, grains, baking foods, pasta, frozen foods and pharmaceutical products.

4. Eliminate leakage, damages or wastage

A reliable leak detector is vital to ensure seal integrity. Eliminating leakage, damages or wastage cannot be avoided. This is a mandatory step for food and beverage producers, pharmaceutical industries and other perishable product manufacturers. The leak tester is designed to detect all packaging defects before the product leaves the manufacturing or production facility.

5. Prevent losses and damage to reputation

Damages lead to various losses including revenue, brand identity, reputation and consumer trust. A thorough evaluation of product packages save manufacturers and food producers from detrimental losses. Credible organizations make certain that all flaws are eliminated with the leak testing system before their products reach the market.

6. Preserve freshness and shelf-life

It is good practice for all manufacturers, food producers and pharmaceutical industries to check for irregularities in their final packaging. Any type of compromise to the modified atmosphere within the sealed packages can result in shortened shelf life, increased bacteria growth, and unpleasant odors and flavors. With a leak detection machine, you can conduct non-destructive tests on all types of packages, including freshly packed foods or pharmaceutical supplies.

7. Peace of mind

There is no doubt that a leak detector machine can offer peace of mind. With this machine, your organization can be certain that products are entirely sealed and protected from any contamination. Invest in a leak detector machine that performs all tests to ensure the highest quality in seals, seams and closures.

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