As time goes forward, it is clear that mobile devices are becoming more and more accessible. So accessible, in fact, that even the youngest of us can use them. As you can imagine, this has began a wave of learning applications that cater to the toddlers in our lives. While some learning apps are geared solely towards entertainment via games or stimulation, there are others that will actually be beneficial to the child further in life.

There is actually a pretty decent variety of applications to choose from, ranging from apps that assist in teaching a toddler to read, write, count, and will even teach them about things such as health and hygiene.

Let’s explore the seven best learning apps for toddlers:

1. Metamorphabet

Best learning app for toddlers to learn communication

Vocabulary is a good topic to get a jump start on for a child. By boosting their communication and comprehension skills, you give them a better chance at doing well in school, both academically and socially.

By using stunning animation and captivating imagery, Metamorphabet is known for instilling a wonderful sense of wonder and creative thinking skills in players of all ages.

2. Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

Best learning app for toddlers who are Sesame Street fans

Sesame Street is highly recommended for children for all ages, and the brand covers many mediums. From the classic television show, to many fun books, and even a few toys here and there, but the gentle and educational street has officially jumped into the world of apps, as well.

Breathe, Think, Do is a research based application that is dedicated to teaching your child about the “Breathe, Think, Do” approach to solving issues in daily life. The app is easy to use, and will keep the child engaged as they help the cute little monster solve problems during their time with the app.

Things that the app covers includes solving problems related to vocabulary, breathing techniques in stressful situations, and even encouragements that are personalized in order to make them extra special for the student.

3. Funbrain Jr.

Coming complete with a treasure trove of fun, interactive games, worksheets, entertaining videos, and engaging stories, Funbrain Jr. will ensure that your child has a great time while learning and soaking up lots of good advice and knowledge.

Plus, while there is tons of content, the option to purchase new content is available, if need. This makes the app a worthy mainstay for as long as the child needs it.

4. Happy Valley Friends

Shapes, letters, numbers, math, and time are all pretty important aspects of life that can be learned about quite early. This is why the Happy Valley Friends app offers ways to teach your toddler about all of these subjects and even more. They’ll even have fun while they do it!

By using this app, your child will have access to 18 different educational games, as well as 6 more interesting mini-games. The friendly environment provided by the app will make learning a fun, and carefree experience.

5. Shapes!

This lovely little game aims to teach your child about the main colours of our world, as well as the many shapes and sizes that fill it. As a bonus, they will also learn how to pronounce certain terms in the correct way.

By using a combination of both static and moving objects, the app also helps promote development of a child’s coordination and fine motor skills. All of these lovely little benefits bundled inside of an app featuring three fun yet challenging games for absolutely free.

6. PBS Kids Games

Much like Sesame Street, PBS is a terrific source for educational content in a variety of mediums. This app also offers an impressive variety of lessons that include math, biology, astrology, and creative thinking. These topics are covered in a stimulating and entertaining way that will capture the child’s imagination and attention. This is due mostly in part to the app featuring characters from your standard PBS broadcasts such as Peg + Cat and Ready, Jet, Go! among others.

All of those valuable teachings are available in an incredibly accessible app for ages 2 and up.

7. Pepi Bath 2

While academic lessons such as math and reading are always important, there are also apps that teach children daily skills such as personal hygiene. More specifically, Pepi Bath 2 uses nice graphics, stress-free gameplay, and an accessible interface to teach children about why it’s important to keep our bodies clean and healthy.

Lessons included with the app feature scenarios surrounding using the sink, taking a bath, and even taking care of clothes, among other bathroom activities. Recommended ages for the Pepi Bath 2 app range from 2-6 years old, and the app itself costs $2.99.

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