If you’re still using a rotary phone or a typewriter, this article might not be for you.

For everyone else, here are 7 things that only techies will find funny!

1. iPhone 7: Making life harder, one version at a time

Apple is like a Drill Sergeant, shouting orders to us on what we need or don’t need in our electronics. Let’s just hope the iPhone 8 comes with a screen!

2. Speaking of no headphone jack…

Aren’t these the same features as an iPhone 7? “Nokia – staying relevant since 1990”

3. Robots – there’s just no way to beat them

Robots will soon take over the world, not because they will outsmart us, but because they will outcheat us, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

4. AI – Always Insulting 

Here is another example of machines trolling humans. Trust me, they know what they are doing…

5. Virtual Reality might be more real than reality

This guy didn’t just lose his balance, he lost his dignity.

6. Not sure if Nintendo thought this through…

I’m not sure who is more skilled, the man or the woman.

7. Ending a tech article with a coding meme feels fitting

To all my programming friends out there, this is very relatable. When I started programming, I ACTUALLY had hair on my head.

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