Some of the most well known and powerful tech companies once started in small and cramped quarters. Fast forward several years later and some of these same tech companies are now moving into large, beautiful, multi-million dollar offices. Below is a look at 8 gorgeous tech headquarters from around the world.

1. Beats By Dre’s new headquarters located in Culver City, California is designed with elegance, flair, and beauty.

2. Apple’s office located in Austin, Texas, comes with a complete wellness centre which features a dental office, a perk many employees take full advantage of.

Ralph Barrera

3. Inside Microsoft’s new office in Lisbon, Portugal – below is one of many meeting areas. The colourful interior projects a warm and welcoming feel.

4. Samsung’s new $300 million office which opened less than 6 months ago, is located in Silicon Valley. It has lots of open space for activities and amenities.

5. Tencent, one of the largest tech companies in the world, opened their new headquarters in Shenzhen, China. The stunning lobby of their headquarters is a reflection of their tech prowess.

6. Cisco System’s office located in San Francisco, California, contains many open areas dedicated to holding small meetings, sharing ideas, or taking a break.

7. Intel Technology’s headquarters in Gdańsk, Poland, is equipped with several full sized cafeterias, serving up some of the best cuisine you can imagine.

8. The architecture and beautiful shapes of IBM’s headquarters located in Stuttgart, Germany, helps promote an innovative culture.

Congratulations to the 8 tech companies that made this list. Keep pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation and design!

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