Every business relies on a working network to ensure efficient workflow. However, as networks become increasingly complex, manually handling one becomes more and more challenging. That is why you should invest in IP Address Management Software.

1. IPAM Future Proofs Your Network

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IPv4 is over and done with. The era of IPv6 is upon us. With 12 bit Hexadecimal addresses, version 6 can now assign trillions of addresses. It is simply not feasible to keep track of all of them by a single system administrator. IPAM helps you manage everything smoothly

2. Improves Service Quality

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User managed networks have address conflicts due to human error. Often dynamic IPs are too fast for administrators to assign manually. IP Management software automates this process and makes it virtually error free.

3. Increases Productivity

Managing spreadsheets is incredibly inefficient since it can take an admin up to an hour to track, assign or block any particular IP. IPAM can do this automatically in under 3 seconds, and without any errors that the human might have caused.

4. Gets Faster Service

Manual resource management takes a up a bulk of your time and can derail deadlines when there is no time for newer systems to be implemented. IPAM can monitor, manage and control your network easily while leaving you to handle tasks that require human supervision.

5. Reduces Costs

Efficient cost cutting methodology by the IP management software leads to resource saving. Thus lesser number of employees are needed to handle all processes required. This reduces the overhead cost and the network OPEX leading to bettor resource utilization. BlueCat offers services to meet all your IP Management needs.

6. Increases Security

IPAM can monitor a network well beyond human capabilities and flag issues before they become much larger problems. This causes minimum delays in the network since conflict is not allowed to escalate. This also prevents unauthorized access.

7. Retains Customers

Your customers will always appreciate better resource management, faster address allocation and reduced backlogs. By freeing up personnel, you can also execute administrative tasks much faster. Improved service will always attract clients.

8. Grows Your Revenue

Studies show that network downtimes results in losses averaging $160,000 annually due to lost sales. IP management software single handedly takes control of your network to reduce network outages and keep your bottom line from dwindling.


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