8 Simple Tech Hacks That You Can Do Right Now!

8 Simple Tech Hacks That You Can Do Right Now!

Hacking isn’t just for the Russians. It can also be used in our everyday lives. Below are 8 simple tech hacks that you can do right now to help you save time, reduce stress, and make life generally more manageable.

1. Overheating Laptop?

Prop your laptop up with two forks. This creates a smooth airflow and reduces overheating.

2. Left? Right?

Tie a knot to one side of your earphones to quickly determine which side it is. No more having to look to see which side it is.

3. Brail your USB

Similar to the example above, using a visual aide, such as adding something to your USB cable, you can determine which side is which. Perfect for when you’re trying to charge your phone in the dark.

4. Turn up the alarm

This is a great tip for chronic snoozers. Placing your phone in a cup, will amplify the alarm sound. Try adding a cap to the cup and forcing yourself to have to take the phone out in order to stop the alarm.

5. Portable DIY speakers

Simple DIY project using a toilet roll and two pins to create a portable speaker. Add a red letter M to it and you’ve got a nice Monster Toilet Roll Speaker.

6. Cassette Case Phone Stand

Try inserting your phone into a cassette case. You’ll notice it makes a great phone stand. Perfect for watching videos, reading books, or facetiming. Ingenious!

7. Organize your wires with binder clips

The average workstation in America is littered with cables and wires. If you attach ‘binder clips’ (I just found out what those clips were called) to your table, you can use these to organize your stuff.

8. Pack unused wires away neatly

Don’t make the mistake of just throwing unused wires in a drawer. Trust me, you’ll end up losing it. Instead, fold them up and insert them into toilet rolls (yes, toilet rolls are very versatile). You’ll notice this makes it easier to find a particular wire. It will save you time in the future!


The best thing about these tech hacks is that they all take less than a minute to do! I’ve personally used all of them and they’re great! If you enjoyed this article, please comment and share!

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