9 Best Home Security Apps for iPhone Devices

9 Best Home Security Apps for iPhone Devices

Home security is a big concern in many countries and for several homeowners. Today, it is a priority to keep families safe, as there are many property crimes on a rise. Apart from your alarm system at home, you can also find a range of home security apps to download onto your iPhone. For instance, there are camera security apps, which you can see at anytime and anywhere. You can protect your family from intruders or even if there is a medical emergency. Many of these security apps are designed to alert you immediately if a problem is detected at your home.

With home security apps, you can stay on top of home and personal safety. You can monitor your home, children and pets when you are not there. The advantage is that most of these apps can be integrated with existing and new alarm systems. This does not cost a lot of money and only involves a simple download of the application.

Anyone can be a victim to crime at any time, which is why you need to be prepared. Since you use your IPhone regularly, it is the best device to use for home security as well.

Here is a selected recommendation of home security apps for iPhone devices:

1. Smanos Home

This could be one of the best home security app for iPhone. In this app, you can manage with ease through your IPhone. This app links directly with the unit that allows you to arm, disarm, and add or remove users. It sensors motion which is directly transmitted to your IPhone device.

The entire system can work without wires and the app is free to download. The Smanos app allows you to control your home alarm system from anywhere. However, remember that mobile internet and WIFI are necessary for the app to work.

2. Insteon for Hub

This system can help you connect to your home from your iPhone. You can control light bulbs, wall switches, outlets and thermostats. You can receive immediate alerts from motion or water leak sensors installed at your home. This home security app sends notifications to your iPhone or email.

The camera can capture night vision and be tilted as needed. All of these functions can be controlled through the app. Insteon for Hub is a cloud-based technology that enables you to store and access videos from any device.

3. SkylinkNet

You can monitor your home using the built-in alarm system feature. Everything can be remotely armed, disarmed and monitored. With this app, you can control your home automation such as lights, automatic door opening and your garage door.

4. Ring

You can focus on the important areas of your home and get instant alerts when motion is detected. You will be the first to find out if there is someone on your property or even in your neighborhood.

Aside from viewing, you can even speak to and hear the person who is on your property. This app has been used for neighborhood watch programs, offering real time crime and safety alerts.

5. TruPortal

A smart, secure and efficient way to keep your home safe. You can check status, arm and disarm, and trigger automation from anywhere. You can turn on the lights prior to arriving home and be safe when getting out of your car, entering your home or driving your vehicle into the garage.

6. VeraMobile

This system can secure your property with a security camera, smart locks and sensors. You can control all these features through your iPhone. You can schedule when to turn on lights. You will receive motion sensor notifications. It comes with a siren that can scare away intruders when you are not at home. If your internet cuts off, you can still view camera feeds and receive sensor notifications.

7. My Zipato

My Zipato is an interactive security system that is based on cloud technology. It offers easy automation, video monitoring and 24/7 alerts that can be customized. The alerts are sent immediately to your iPhone. You can remotely control your home security through your iPhone. You can achieve a lot remotely, including energy savings and advance healthcare in times of an emergency.

8. Honeywell Home

This home security app offers total comfort. You can monitor and control many aspects of your home remotely such as security, nursery, locks, cameras, video doorbell and thermostat with a single touch dashboard. You can even talk to people at your front door using the voice control feature.

It additionally offers geofencing reminders, which means you can set a perimeter to monitor. The default size is 1 mile, but you can personalize your size for greater security coverage.

9. VisonicGO

The VisonicGO offers peace of mind as you can control your home in real time. You can arm and disarm, receive image notifications, event histories, alerts and zone status. You can control your home alarm system remotely. Homeowners can set up the system to notify them by email and text message on every security, safety or camera event.

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