How to Catch Your Husband Cheating Online

How to Catch Your Husband Cheating Online

Social media, text messages and emails are supposed to help us feel more connected to the people we love. But unfortunately, they can sometimes become flirting tools for cheaters.

Some cheating husbands might think it doesn’t count as cheating if they only flirted with other women online. They might not even realize that their behaviour creates some distance between them and their wife. Or, sadly, they might not care anymore.

If you suspect your husband might be cheating on you online, you should try to make sure you have more than just suspicions before confronting him. These tips will show you some signs that your fears might be true.

Let’s learn how to catch your husband cheating online.

1. Look for the signs of husband cheating

If you think your husband might be cheating on you online, it’s probably because you noticed some changes in his behaviour. Look out for these signs:

  • He turns off his mobile phone or closes his laptop whenever you walk into the room.
  • He protects his devices with passwords, which he has never done before.
    He refuses to connect with you on social media or seems to have created a secret profile.
  • He is obsessed with responding to his text messages or emails as quickly as he can, or he can spend hours chatting with someone you don’t know.
  • He is distant, hostile or critical, and never seems interested in having sex with you.
  • He is suddenly very generous and buys you expensive gifts as if he was trying to compensate for something.

Don’t immediately jump to conclusions if you notice many of these signs. Maybe your husband’s suspicious behaviour is not linked to cheating but issues with his family or to a very stressful situation at work.

You should first try to talk to him to open up about whatever problem he might be struggling with. If he gets angry and doesn’t want to talk, it might indicate that their behaviour is only linked to online cheating.

2. Keep a journal of your husband’s suspicious behaviour

It could be a good idea to keep a journal of your husband’s suspicious behaviour. Write down the signs you notice and anything unusual he is doing, either online or offline.

This could help you figure out if your husband is really cheating on you online or if something else entirely might be going on.

3. Monitor his online activities

If your husband doesn’t protect his laptop with a password, and if you feel up to the task, you could look at his online activities to find proof that he is cheating on you.

Start by looking at his browsing history to see if it could reveal something suspicious. If he seems to have no browser history, the fact that he carefully erased it might prove he has something to hide.

You could also look at his sent and received emails if you have his password. But keep in mind that spying on your husband this way could be illegal.

4. Investigate his mobile phone

Similarly, if you have access to his phone, you might want to check his browser history on this device as well. You should also check if he has received calls or messages from a number you don’t know. Use a private investigator to look into your cheating spouse and help with this process.

If so, you can do a reverse phone number search to figure out who this number belongs. However, if you find suggestive text messages on his phone, you don’t need additional proof that he is cheating online.

5. Consider using a surveillance software

Different software can make monitoring what your husband is doing online. A keylogger program, for example, will keep track of everything being typed on the keyboard of the computer on which it’s installed.

But before you turn to use surveillance software, be aware that depending on the laws in the place where you live, spying on someone’s online activities might be illegal. Do not do anything that you might regret later.

Plus, if ever you discover that your husband wasn’t cheating, after all, he might lose his trust in you if he finds out you have used surveillance software to monitor his activities.

6. Confront your husband

If you get enough proof and catch your husband cheating online, you should have a serious and honest conversation.

Confront him about your suspicions, and ask him to tell you the truth. However, be sure not to make accusations or raise your voice, as this could result in an unnecessary argument. If you stay calm, your husband should be more likely, to be honest with you.

What happens next is up to you, but if both your husband and you want to repair your damaged relationship, seeing a marriage counsellor together could be a good way to start.

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