How to Fix a Burnt Vape

How to Fix a Burnt Vape

For vapers, you must have come across an irritating, annoying burnt taste in your vape, one of the worst experiences you have ever imagined. Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean your device is wearing out, or you purchased the wrong one.

No one wishes to experience a burnt taste from their favourite vape flavour. If you, unfortunately, come across this nightmare, worry not. There are possible solutions to give you a super enjoyable vaping journey. Essentially, take time to monitor your vaping habits. A burnt taste in vapes can be easily prevented than fixed.

In most cases, burnt vapes can be corrected in simple ways. There are several techniques to help get your device running again. It also prepares amateur vapers who wish for a long, incredible vaping journey.

Let’s learn how to fix a burnt vape.

1. Regulate the power of your vape.

Some vapes are designed to withstand a certain level of power; thus, too much or less power will probably lead to a burnt taste. To eliminate the undesired flavour, ensure to align with the user guidelines that came with your vape. The policies provide information regarding your vape’s appropriate power level and adjustable points.

You can also refresh the grades you’ve been using on your device, gradually rising until you have achieved your desired burn-free taste. Using a power guard on your device goes a long way in ensuring a long-lasting, great vaping experience.

If you’re switching between vapes, stick to the recommended wattage for each vape. You may also want to check out disposable vapes, which are easy options if you want to vape quickly and conveniently.

2. Re-check your juice ratio

Different vapes are made with various juices; thus, using the wrong liquid ratio in your device can result in a terrible burnt taste. You can effortlessly eliminate the burnt taste by re-checking if the juice ratio in your device matches the coil head.

For instance, using high-nicotine liquid or high-VG in a sub-ohm device with a small coil head will most likely produce a burnt taste.

3. Refill your vape tank

We all have, at some point, enjoyed the thrilling taste of our vapes without tracking down the tank levels. We then file complaints to the supplier or friends about a burnt taste when the issue is effortlessly manageable. The burnt taste occurs because your vape runs with little or no liquid to heat.

Ensure to keep an eye on your tank levels and refill when appropriate to eliminate such a nightmare. It’s even easier with disposable vapes; you need to get a new one, and the fun continues.

4. Consider the temperature of your device

Temperature control is quite similar to power levels. Running your device at high temperatures can produce a burnt taste from over-heated ingredients and chemicals. If you’ve been experiencing this, it’s time you consider shifting your vape storage to suit the recommended temperatures.

Most importantly, the favourable temperatures are highlighted on your device’s user manual for more satisfaction. This will also help you acknowledge the best day to go vaping with your friends. For instance, scorching summer days might not be suitable for outdoor vaping.

Experts have also designed vapes with a temperature control mechanism to help you enjoy an undisrupted vaping journey. Get yourself one today and forget about the burnt taste forever.

5. Regulate the amount of cotton in your wick

Vape manufacturers use natural organic cotton material saturated in the wick to bridge the gap between the heating element and vape juice. Too much cotton means you must refill your tank regularly to ascertain maximum wick saturation. Simultaneously, little or no cotton gives your vape a burnt taste due to the over-heating effects.

Ensure you have suitable cotton in your wick to eliminate dissatisfying moments. Note: If you’re a frequent vaper, ensure to replace the cotton regularly, and the burnt taste will soon disappear. Signs that your cotton requires to be replaced are burnt or discoloured wick ends, low vapour production, coil build-up, and burnt vape taste.

6. Regulate your vaping pattern

“Too much of something is poisonous.” This saying applies to nearly all aspects of life, vaping included. Maybe you’ve vaped too frequently until the taste starts to feel burnt; you should consider revising your vaping pattern.

Vapes contain chemicals such as nicotine, diacetyl, and propylene glycol, which can trigger a sore throat if not regulated; with a sore throat, your vape will taste flavourless and burnt. According to scientists, vaping daily or more than four times a week is considered abusive and harmful to your health.

7. Check on your vape device

Sometimes, the vape device can lead to a burnt taste due to a breakdown, poor quality, or clogging of the wick. You can examine your vape device to evaluate its performance if you’ve encountered such a taste.

Broken vape devices are easily fixable by experts, while worn-out or inferior ones can be replaced to fix the burnt taste completely. Doing occasional device maintenance rather than waiting for the actual misfortune will deliver your vaping journey dream.

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