How to Get Cockroaches Out of Electronics

How to Get Cockroaches Out of Electronics

Cockroaches are the pest you never want to see around the house, including your electronics and appliances.

They are a nuisance around your home, but your electronics are also at risk of damage when there’s a cockroach involved. Unfortunately, electronics and appliances are exactly the environments where a cockroach loves to live.

Why are there cockroaches in electronics?

It sounds like the last place you would find a cockroach, but you would be surprised at just how common of a problem it is. These dark and enclosed spaces are just the environment they love to hide in.

When you’ve discovered one or two of these nasty little pests around your home, you can bet more may be hiding in your appliances and electronics. Yuck! The good news is that there are some non-chemical pest control methods to get them out of your gadgets.

Pests like cockroaches are not just a problem for your devices. They are a problem for your home and your health. Pests can cause damage to your home over some time. Not to mention all the germs and bacteria they carry that could be very harmful to your health.

If there are cockroaches in your electronics, here are several tips you could try to get rid of them:

1. Use a cockroach trap

Cockroach traps are the quickest way to try and lure and catch these pesky little vermin. This only works on live cockroaches. Get a cockroach trap from your local stores and place them near your electronics.

If any live cockroaches lurk after a day or two, they should hopefully be lured into the traps and get stuck there. Otherwise, keep checking the traps regularly to see if anything has been caught yet.

Since cockroaches are the most active at night, your best bet is to check on the traps in the morning. If they have been hiding there, you should find something in your traps within the next day or two. These traps usually have a substance in them that is attractive to the cockroach, which should work well enough.

2. Use ice to get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches hate the cold. This explains why they love to hide out in electronics and appliances because of the warmth and moisture this type of environment provides.

Exposure to freezing temperatures is the quickest, non-chemical way to kill a cockroach. If you can do without your electronics for three to five days, place them in a ziplock bag and seal it shut.

Next, place your electronic device in the freezer and let it stay there for several days. Only do this if your device can withstand those freezing temperatures, though. Otherwise, you could risk doing more damage to it. Avoid this treatment on anything that has LCD screens because they will get spoiled easily in freezing conditions.

After a few days, take them out of the freezer. Any stragglers in your device should now be dead. Once your device has had time to dry off, you can move on to the next step, to blow out the dead bodies.

3. Blow away the dead cockroaches

If you suspect there may be some dead cockroaches in some of your bigger electronics, the way to clear them out is to blow them out. You’ll need the help of a can of compressed air to get this done. A can with a thin spray tip works best in this case.

Aim the tip directly at the opening of your electronics and spray. The air should blow out those dead cockroach bodies from the other nooks of your device. Be warned that this is going to be disgusting and probably messy, especially if you hate dealing with cockroaches, to begin with.

Your best bet is to do this outdoors for an easier clean-up. Blowing compressed air through your electronics should also effectively get out any eggs or body parts that might have been left in there.

4. Call pest control services

Cleaning your electronics won’t be enough as a long-term solution to keep cockroaches away. Unfortunately, they will keep coming back unless the root of the problem is treated once and for all.

The best way to effectively minimize and reduce the number of cockroaches and other pests in and around your household is to call pest control. This should be an annual thing where professionals treat your home. DIY treatments are not a long-term fix to your pest problems.

The environment around your home should also be as clean, neat, and tidy as possible. Pests, like cockroaches, love filthy and dark places. The fewer areas they have to hide in, the better.

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