How to Stop a Gurgling Bathroom Sink

How to Stop a Gurgling Bathroom Sink

We’ve all heard it. That all too familiar sound of bubbling and gurgling coming from the sink when you run the water. While modern technology allows some of our appliances to talk to us, hearing from your sink is not good.

The sound we hear is around a partial blockage where the air is not allowed to escape properly. It, therefore, creates pressure and suction of water in the P-trap under the sink and as air moves and makes a noise.

The bottom line is that you have some sort of obstruction or clog. It could be hair, soap scum, grease and other debris in the pipes, and now it needs to be cleared so the noise can stop. Nobody like back talking, especially from your bathroom sink. Stop that gurgling noise and have peace while doing all you do in your bathroom.

Here are some proven methods of how to stop a gurgling bathroom sink:

Find what causes a gurgling bathroom sink

First things first, you want to nail down the cause of your gurgling bathroom sink. Some tell-tale signs point to specific problems, so it’s best to narrow down the issue as much as possible.

  • Does it only gurgle after the sink is used?
  • Are other drains having the same problem?
  • Do you smell any foul odours coming from the drain?

Check the drainage once you isolate the problem and it’s just your bathroom sink. Take out the stopper and use a flashlight to look for any blockage you can reach. If there is something in there, use tweezers to pull it out. Then pour some water down the drain and see if it fills up. This indicates you still have a blockage further down the line. It’s time to dig a little deeper.

Many homeowners are unable to identify the cause of the gurgling sink. That’s normal. It requires plumbing expertise to understand how to inspect the system. You may be better off consulting a professional like Birnie Plumbing to sort out your problem.

Use boiling water to stop a gurgling sink

Boiling water is a melt-away method that you should regularly use on all your drains once a month to prevent the buildup of soap scum and debris. For today’s issue, boil a kettle or pot of water and slowly pour it down the drain. It will probably fill up as you do it, but it will also be working on the clog. If you find the boiling water alone isn’t helping, you will need to go to the next level.

Use a plunger to stop a gurgling sink

A plunger is a necessary tool in a bathroom because you have multiple drains that can get clogged. Everyone has a plunger for their toilet, but how about your sink? Your most hygienic path is to buy a dedicated sink plunger. They have smaller handles and work well to clear blockages as they rear their ugly heads, and you don’t have to thoroughly disinfect them every time you go back and forth from sink to toilet.

Start by filling enough water into the sink to cover the plunger head fully. Orient the plunger over the drain and make a tight seal. Now it’s time to use your up/down motion to create pressure and force. This vacuum effect is very successful at clearing blockages, so plunge 5-10 times, reposition on the drain and go again. It may take a few times to fully clear the clog. Follow up with boiling water, and hopefully, you have a drain that doesn’t gurgle anymore. If the issues persist, you need to use some chemicals.

Use a drain cleaner to stop a gurgling sink

Using a drain cleaner is an effective way to clear any blockage in the drain, P-trap and pipes. There are several cleaners on the market, but if you don’t like using harsh chemicals, you can make a DIY solution with ingredients you probably have kicking around the house.

You can mix baking soda with vinegar in a 1to1 ratio of 1 cup each and pour it down the drain. This causes a chemical reaction to dissolve most buildups in your drain pipes. Pour some more trusty boiling water to rinse away any leftover residue. Tougher clogs require tougher tools.

Use a plumbing snake to stop a gurgling sink

You probably don’t own one of these, so you will have to rent one from your local home improvement store or rental place. They are handy for clearing clogs fast and getting your gurgling issues resolved.

Once you have the snake ready to go, simply feed it down the drain until you come up against a blockage. Then crank the handle, and the auger will do the rest.

Use vent pipes to stop a gurgling sink

So far, we have been dealing with a blockage in your drain pipe, but the audible issue may be coming from the vent pipes. Gurgling coming from just the bathroom sink may be a clog in its venting pipe, but if you notice the gurgling in the bathtub or other sinks, too, then the blockage will be in the main vent.

These vents can be accessed from an outside drain or on the roof. You should use a sewer auger and a water hose to help flush out the debris. This may need a qualified plumber’s professional know-how and equipment to get the job done.

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