Whether you’re a novice real estate agent or a seasoned veteran, you comprehend the fact that the industry has immensely changed in just the last 10 years alone. Adaptation is key.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a necessary tool to compete and thrive in today’s economy. CRM suites are used in pretty much every industry, and if you want to give your analog or digital a shot in the arm, having one in your office is essential.

One of the ways to flourish in this field is properly managing your real estate contacts. It is indeed the foundation to a prosperous real estate business. Without paying proper attention to your database, you miss out on opportunities and potential prospects. And when you do hone in on your database – but without a CRM system – you risk losing time, resources and energy, all of which impact your professional and personal life.

Here are five technological perks of using CRM for your real estate firm:

1. It’s Time to go Mobile – Does Your CRM Know That?

In today’s environment, if you’re not going mobile then you’re not succeeding. Let’s face it: in nearly every aspect of our daily lives, mobility plays a huge role in your corporate world.

When you’re in the market for real estate CRM software, one of the key things you should be concentrating on is making sure that you grab a system that is mobile-friendly. Without mobile functionality, you won’t be able to fully maximize the software – remember you’re on the road a lot as a real estate agent.

It’s time to go mobile, and your CRM should follow.

2. Heading to the Cloud

Another big step in the real estate industry, and the rest of the economy, is cloud computing. Every corporation and startup, workplace and home office has headed to the cloud. Have you?

Whether you have plans to travel to the cloud or you have already implement cloud policies, your CRM needs to follow suit. It is true that your CRM must be cloud-friendly, which allows you to work wherever you please: at home, on the road, in Venice or on an airplane.

3. Email Marketing Isn’t Dead; It’s Thriving

No matter what industry you specialize in, you have likely come across at least one person who tells you that email marketing is dead. Well, we have some news for you: rumors of email’s death are greatly exaggerated. In fact, email marketing has never been more successful.

Once you launch an email marketing campaign, your CRM should be able to assist you by playing a role in your digital marketing strategies. If it doesn’t then find one that does.

4. Customer Support is Key to Succeeding

Let’s be honest: not every CRM software is going to function the way you want it. There may be hiccups, there may be bugs in the software and there may be compatibility issues.

In the end, you want a CRM that is complemented by impeccable customer support that can help you along every step of the way. This is a big investment so you want great customer service.

5. A Free Trial Helps You Test Your CRM

When you’re searching for a CRM to add to your real estate office, you should purchase one that comes with a free trial. It’s true that you will have no idea if a specific CRM program will match the needs of your computer, your business or your office when you’re shopping for one. Therefore, it is always better to select one that offers you a free trial – ideally you want between 14 and 30 days (the longer the better).

Years ago, computer experts say that CRM was the wave of the future. Well, the future is now, and CRMs have become a big deal. To stay one step ahead of your rivals, or to keep pace with them, it is crucial to have a CRM in your company. Otherwise, you will fall behind and you will be unable to maximize your leads, your prospects and even your current clients.

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